I've had dogs all of my life!  


Hi! My name is Janeil.  I'm a 60 year old grandma who lives in Michigan.  First and foremost, being healthy is very important to me.  Not just for my family, but for our dogs as well.  We have a Brittany Spaniel, named Buster, and a Black Lab/Shepherd named Laila. Laila, who is 10 years old, has so many allergies.  She suffers from skin allergies and itches and itches. She also has a lot of digestive issues, is on medication and has to have special dog food. 

Like any other dog, my dogs love treats.  But, here's the problem. Most treats you buy over-the-counter, are full of additives and preservatives.  And, those things are not only unhealthy for your dog, but they make MY Laila itch and bothers her tummy a lot!

So, this past winter, I decided I would look for a recipe of dog treats to make.  I wanted one that was all natural and had no additives.  I found what I wanted, made them, and my dogs loved them!  So! I started looking and learning more! I decided to play around with the recipes, trying this or that; tweaking, to make them mine!  Fifteen recipes later!  I was making dog treats left and right!  I then started asking Laila and Buster, "Hey guys! Which ones do you like the best?"  And, they picked out their 9 favorites!  Then, I wondered if I could share these other healthy dog treats ....and Heavenly Dog Treats was born!  

Laila and Buster share 9 flavors and 3 sizes in all but Runaway Fleas.  Only Mini's and Medium Size are offered for those.  

I invite you to visit my page, or, read about my products, look at my Order Form and make the decision to 'Buy Healthy' for YOUR dog!  

Remember!  Healthy, All Natural, Home-Made!  Heavenly Dog Treats! 




I've had dogs all of my life!  I honestly cannot remember a time when I didn't have a dog!  I've had all breeds, but mostly just lovable mutts!  Some are dogs that I've chosen, but some just showed up and we adopted them.  

Now, I believe some of the very best dogs I've ever had are dogs that we've rescued.  These dogs have shown up and they are just lost.  It takes special people to take care of these dogs, either by fostering...taking care of a dog in your home until they find a permanent home... or people who take take care of several dogs, and create a 'no kill shelter'.  That's the best kind! 

How sad it is that some dogs are 'found' and taken to a shelter, and if they aren't adopted by a certain amount of time, they euthanize them.  How sad...   however! Rescue dogs are kept safe until a home is found for them.  

As i said, I've had a LOT of dogs, but I had one favorite, my Hannah.  I found her at a Rescue Shelter.  She had just been found, wandering around. She was the best dog ever! So gentle, and loving. She NEVER complained about anything!  When she passed, my heart was broken, and I thought I'd never have another, But, here I am, with two dogs, crazy Buster, who is 4, but will NEVER grow up, and gentle Laila, who is 10, and another Rescue Dog.  

On my treats, I always say: "A Lot of Dogs are Waiting for YOU to Rescue Them!" 

They really are!  And, consider choosing one of these dogs just waiting for your loving home!